USV Details


USV Details
Modular autonomous surface vessel




  • Each hull made of three 2m-long watertight sections joined together
  • Design allows scope to re-use hull sections in different hull configurations (longer...larger)
  • Swappable hull sections guarantee ease of maintenance and low downtime



  • Battery + Solar panel powered propulsion guarantees large operational range
  • Electric engines allow for virtually silent and environmentally friendly operations
  • Hull sections can be pre-configured and fitted according to different mission requirements


Ease of transport, assembly and deployment

  • Hull and upper platform sections are no longer than 2m
  • The whole vessel can be conveniently stored and shipped in pieces
  • Assembly of the vessel requires basic tools (screwdriver, wrenches, pliers) and no glue/adhesive


Robust marine design


  • Two steerable engines,and optionally,four rudders guarantee unmatched manoeuvrability
  • Redundancy in case of failure : Each central Hull section is independent. The catamaran can be manoeuvred only with one motor and one rudder.
  • Large flat surfaces available for safe transport of mission payload, or Solar panel installation.



FeatureModular Catamaran
Hull constructionFiberglass
No. of hull sections3
Length (LOA)6 m
Total height1.4 m
Height over waterline1 m
Draft60 cm
Width300 cm
Dry weight500 Kg
Payload600 Kg (overload up to 1000 kg)
Cruise speed4 knots
Max speed8 knots
No. of engines2
Max engine power2x4 kW
Standard battery pack16 cells lifepo4 3.2V 110Ah . 5.6 kWh x 2 (nominal) 4.8 kWh at standard discharge @ 48V
Extended Battery pack32 cells lifepo4 3.2V 110Ah . 11.2 kWh x 2 (nominal) 9.6 kWh at standard discharge @ 48V
Range (battery operated)15 Nm 25 Nm (standard Bp) , 30 nm 50 Nm extended Bp
Charging timeStandard Charge: 4h Fast Charge: 1h (fast charger optional)
Solar panels area6 m^2 , max power 1.1 Kw , charging time 8- 16 hours (standard extended battery pack)
Range with solar panel <= speed 3knUnlimited, battery recharge


Dimensions in mm





Thrusting Steering


  • Rotation angle: +/-90°
  • CAN open interface
  • Max rotation speed 15°/sec
  • Auto zero
  • Encoder resolution 0.1 deg
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