Dr. Francesco La Gala

Jury Panel

Dr. Francesco La Gala

Dr Francesco La Gala is the founder of a company called Spinitalia SRL, which is located in Rome, Italy. The company develops custom devices and has a product portfolio. Over the past three years, it has been contracted by the Italian army for driverless vehicle applications.

Since 2003, he has been working as Associate Professor at the University of Rome and Sapienza University, teaching Digital control (2003-2005), Automatic Control (2003-2010), Measure for control systems (2008-2013), and Applied Technology of control systems. (2013-2021).

In 2000, became a researcher at CNR-INM (National Council of Research) where he served as director of the experimental setup department from 2005 to 2010.

His fields of interest include electronic robotics, mechanical design, computer science, measurement sensors and fluid dynamics and collaborates with companies such as Siemens, Airbus, Thales Italia, Leonardo Finmeccanica, FFI, SSPA, Wdt71, Wass, FOI, as well as the Italian military research department.

Dr La Gala received a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph. D. in Applied Mechanic (Mechatronic) from the Department of Automatic Control, University La Sapienza, Italy, in 1994 and 1998, respectively.

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