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Welcome to MBZIRC Community forum

We want the forum to be a useful resource for our users!

Registration on the Website is the first step

Every participant who has successfully completed the registration will receive an email with an invite to join the MBZIRC Community. This email might take up to one hour after registration.

Once you receive the email, please note that the login email for the MBZIRC website and the Community forum remain the same. The user will have to choose a new password for the community.


Create your profile in the Community forum

Please provide a brief description of yourself and your team in your profile in order for the other community members to know who you are.

Here is a link to the Community forum.


MBZIRC Community forum profile

The MBZIRC community forum has two threads:

  1. Team discussion 
  2. Ask the organizers

1. Team discussion

In the Community, you can seek out partners that can collaborate with you to form a stronger team. You can search for domain expertise and engage in technical discussions. We recommend using the team discussion thread to get in touch with each other and then carry out the conversation forward privately or outside the community. Please do not disclose any proprietary information in the community.

2. Ask the organizers

Take a look at the FAQ section on FAQs - MBZIRC 2023 - UAE Robotics Competition for any queries related to the MBZIRC Grand Challenge. If there are questions that are not covered in the FAQ, post your queries in this thread.


In case if you have not received an email with your login details, please get in touch with us at

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