The Challenge 2017

The competition is motivated by the technological challenges facing the next generation of robotics which is poised to have a transformative impact in a variety of new applications and markets. These include robot applications in disaster response, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and household chores. The enabling technologies for such applications include robots working more autonomously in dynamic, unstructured environments, while collaborating and interacting with other robots and humans. MBZIRC will focus on these enabling technologies, by providing a demanding set of benchmark robotics challenges to attract the best international teams, and to inspire innovation in robotics technology. Similar to other major competitions, the MBZIRC aims to provide an environment that fosters innovation and technical excellence, while encouraging spectacular performance with robotics technology.

An animation of the Challenge is shown in the following video

The complete set of information about MBZIRC 2017 is given in the Challenge Description document and the Communication Specifications

MBZIRC 2017 will consist of three challenges and a triathlon type Grand Challenge:

1. Challenge 1 requires UAV to locate, track and land on a moving vehicle, and will involve the following tasks:

  • Locate moving vehicle
  • Navigate to track the vehicle
  • Land at target location on the moving vehicle

2. Challenge 2 requires an UGV to locate and reach a panel, and physically operate a valve stem on the panel, and will involve the following tasks:

  • Locate panel and navigate to approach the panel
  • Identify and locate a valve stem on one panel, and approach the valve stem
  • Analyze the valve stem and select the appropriate tool to close the valve stem from a set of provided tools.
  • Use the manipulator attached to the UGV to pick up the tool and operate the valve stem

3. Challenge 3 requires a team of UAVs to collaborate to search, locate, track, pick and place a set of static and moving objects.

4. The Grand Challenge requires a team of robots (UAVs and UGVs) to compete in an event that combines Challenges 1, 2 and 3 simultaneously..

Competitors may participate in one or more of these three challenges.

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