China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO)

China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) is the pioneer and pacesetter of the defence products trade in China, an important team to implement the state’s “going out” strategy and the leading force in the internationalized operation of Chinese ordnance industry. In striving to build itself into a world-class international company with great pioneering spirit and passion, NORINCO has established its global operation network featuring transnational, trans-industrial and trans-sectional operation pattern.

Always adhering to customer-centered policy, NORINCO emphasizes on scientific and technological innovation and continually develops high-tech defence products in line with the new requirement arising from the defence revolution of the world. By offering system solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs, NORINCO has established itself as a world-renowned name in global defence field and has presented a series of famous brands of its key products, demonstrating to the entire world the solid strength of China’s defense-related science, technology and industry.

Guided by the principle of common development, NORINCO joins hands with first-class enterprises both at home and abroad in its active engagement in the exploration, development, production and trade of overseas petroleum and key mineral resources, and has formed an industrial operation and development pattern featuring its own characteristics. Now NORINCO is more competitive in the deposit, development and operation of petroleum and such precious metals as copper, cobalt and platinum.

NORINCO has built its own brands in the fields of railway transportation, power plant construction, heavy-duty vehicles, engineering machinery, civil explosives and chemical products thanks to its continuous endeavor in international economic cooperation and specialized operation of civilian products.

In honoring its corporate responsibility, NORINCO always operate in a responsible manner and seeks sustainable development. We commit ourselves to constant product innovation, technical upgrading and service improvement, and we are ready to share our achievements with all our friends around the globe and together to create a better future!

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